One cannot say how important it is to know that the land you use belongs to you. In its interventions, APDH is always pleased that the population is increasingly aware of the importance of land security within the communal land service.

The commune of Kirundo is one of the communes in this province to have a communal land service, which will soon be operational. Since its creation by a deliberation of the commune council, APDH, through its Land Management Support Project, has always provided technical support and advice.

The community sensitizations accompanied by APDH are part of this collaboration and support. It took place from 16 to 18 June and from 23 to 24 June 2021, on the 29 'collines'of the commune and will contribute to a good understanding and knowledge of the importance of land certification through registration. As a result, land conflicts will be greatly reduced and social cohesion within the communities through the certification of their land holdings will be improved.

During their visits to all these local areas, APDH agents, in collaboration with commune staff, were able to observe that the majority of the population was not aware of the existence of this service, nor of the methods of acquiring  and owning land and the importance of certifying it.

After each awareness-raising session, with the help of APDH agents and commune staff, the population proceeded to elect the members of the 'collines'Recognition Committees (CRCs) who will help the land agents in the recognition of land properties in the area.

This activity was much appreciated by the population as the steps of land certification are not tedious.

In many parts, women responded massively and generally showed an interest in knowing their share of responsibility in the management of land properties, especially those acquired by purchase, as well as their certification. In addition, it is noticeable that they are elected to the ‘CRCs’ because, as they themselves said, 'being in the 'CRCs' will enable them to closely monitor activities related to the certification of land ownership for families for which they are co-responsible'.

During this activity, APDH's observation is remarkably satisfying. The population understands that with land certification, land conflicts that arise in the community will largely diminish and perhaps, gradually disappear.