The workshop took place at Banga Guest House in Matongo (Kayanza). The workshop was attended by all the staff members of APDH, the Executive Committee (CE) and the Strategic Advisory Council (CCS). Some special guests were also present at this exchange session including a former Legal Representative of APDH, and a representative of the Fund for Global Human Rights.

The exchange is so important because it deals with a subject of vital importance and also emerging in the life of the organization and the country, especially in matters of human rights and freedoms and therefore the opening and closing of the civic space, the current situation of the civic space and new strategies to be adopted in order to enlarge and improve the civic space. From the definition of words to key words, from current situation to measurement and appreciation units of the civic space, from the criteria of differentiation of the civic space of the different countries to the criteria and areas of intervention for the definition of the civic space, the participants debated this theme in an updated and self-centered way on our existence and our impact on the communities we work for.

It is generally a framework for exchanging information on the current situation of civic space in Burundi in particular and throughout the world in general.

This session will analyse the elements of the context that could positively or negatively influence civic space, the opportunities that already exist and determine the actions that can be taken to effectively contribute to the conquest of civic space.