Significant achievements in the previous mandate

On the eve of the annual evaluation of the 2020 and the annual planning of the projects and governing bodies of the organization for 2021 which is about to begin, the effective members of the organization met  on 19 December 2020 in  a General Assembly (GA) as required by the founding texts of the APDH. On the agenda; the election of a new Legal Representative and his Executive Committee (EC) which will be for a mandate of 3 years renewable once as specified in the same texts.

Within APDH, the EC has the most extensive powers of management and administration and is the body responsible for the implementation of decisions of the General Assembly (GA). Present on this day were the representatives and full participants from the NGOZI, MUYINGA, GITEGA, KIRUNDO, BUJUMBURA MAIRIE sections with a quorum prescribed by the same texts. The achievements of the projects and sections in 2020 as well as of the governing bodies (Executive Committee and Supervisory Board) for the past mandate as presented respectively by the representatives of the latter, speak for themselves in terms of great success.

This is a major achievement and the advancement of APDH's programs in its areas of intervention and on different scales, notably the mass sensitization on the knowledge of and respect for human rights in the communities where the sections intervene, the reinforcement of the capacities of the partners, the staff and the members of APDH in the different areas, including the creation and supervision of school human rights clubs, as well as the accompaniment of our target groups, especially the most vulnerable, in the process of recourse to justice, and the reinvigoration of the activities of our areas of intervention.

Such moments are also a great opportunity for the APDH members to ask themselves questions about the life of the organization and to question any low performance (if there has been any) in order to prepare to remedy it and move forward.

Election of the new Executive Committee

Three candidatures were received in due time by the Supervisory Board (SB), the body responsible for organizing the elections

After the elections, the APDH has a new Executive Committee whose members are following Mr. HAVYARIMANA Audace: Legal Representative, Mr. RUKIZINGABO Euphrem: Deputy Legal Representative, Mr. NDAYISENGA Libère: Treasurer, Mrs. BUZIBORI Béatrice: Secretary and Mr. MUHETO Ananie: Advisor.

The ceremony was closed by the speech of the new Legal Representative crowned by congratulatory words and encouragement to all the members of APDH in general and to the governing bodies in particular for all the efforts put together in order to better respond to the vision and Mission of the organization.