Strategic axes and objectives

Axis 1: Education on Human rights

  • Contribute to reducing the recourse to popular justice;
  • Contribute to vulgarizing some important legal texts;
  • Contribute to the reduction and prevention of land related conflicts.

Axis 2: Governance and social relations

  • Contribute to the eradication of juvenile delinquency;
  • Contribute to the peaceful management of conflicts;
  • Contribute to the eradication of unwanted pregnancies;
  • Contribute to environmental protection and adapt to climate change.

Axis 3: Institutional capacity building

  • Improve collaboration with organizations working in the same domain;
  • Build capacities of the managers, members and staff of the organization;
  • Involve our sections in project activities;
  • Improve public relations, information, communication and visibility.

Axis 4: Empowering the youth

  • Contribute to the empowerment of young people in our society.

Axis 5: Gender

  • Contribute to reducing of gender-based violences;
  • Teach spouses to participate equitably in the sharing of family responsibilities and obligations;
  • Support / help women with the right of access to land;
  • Encourage the participation of women in decision-making structures;
  • Support victims of gender-based violence.