Our Values


Every member of APDH must be endowed with the capacity to accept and respect ideas, opinions and ways of acting that are different from his/hers. He/she must be endowed with a spirit of freedom of conscience and of thought of others in a complementary way.


Every member of the APDH must be able to render a service, in response to the organization’s needs with no expectation of monetary counter value in return. He/she must freely commit to giving part of his/her time, energy and efforts to accomplishing the missions and objectives of the organization. He/she must actively participate in the development of the organization and act for the common good and in the interest of each and everyone.


Every member must show interest in the challenges that our society is facing and be accountable in actions aimed at solving those very challenges.


Every APDH’s member must be aware that they are the key author in establishing a good relationship based on trust a relationship that shines through  openness, clarity and better communication in real time and to whom it may concern, any useful information concerning the life of the organization.


Every member should be able to respect the laws and regulations as well as the dignity and rights of others so that we can all live together as human beings.