Association for Peace and Human Rights (APDH) is a community organization to promote peace and human rights through education and capacity building . APDH uses community structures (women's and youth organizations and traditional structures) as main tools for sustainable social change.




In the framework of implementing one of our programs named "Supporting and promoting the realization of rights, prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts for the benefit of vulnerable populations", our community facilitators and leaders are set and trained to become actors of change through awareness sessions and conflict management if they happen to arise in their community.These community links often act for a better social cohesion and an easier access to justice by the populations and communities of their localities and as our objectives, vision and mission are based on such an ideal, APDH can only support them in this field by building and strengthening their capacities and by training them for an improvement of their approaches so that peace and justice reign in our Burundian society.

Photo: Participants at the session in the GIKUYO zone where CRCs from two zones (Gikuyo and Kirundo Centre) were gathered.


The session took place in two sites where two zones met per site to facilitate participation: Cewe and Kirundo rural zones met at ECOFO Munzenze on one hand and Kirundo center and Gikuyo zones at ECOFO Gikuyo on the other hand. The objective of the session was to give the necessary capacities to the members of the land recognition commissions on some key concepts of land management and to exchange on a better  ethics that should characterize a member of the commission and to propose sanctions in case of violation of the pre-established principles. During the session, participants understood their role, the values and morals that should guide their work and the different stages of land certification, but also, they were able to acquire a minimum of knowledge on the functionalities of the communal land service and this will allow them to better assist the population that needs this service so urgently. They also understood that this work is of a voluntary nature and requires a sacrifice from them that will germinate the spirit of consolidation of peace and reinforcement of rights in the families and grassroots communities.

One cannot say how important it is to know that the land you are using does really belong to you. In its interventions, APDH is always pleased that the population is increasingly aware of the importance of certifying their land within the communal land service. The commune of Kirundo is one of the communes in this province to be equipped with a communal land service, which will soon be functional. Since its creation by a deliberation of the communal council, APDH, through its projet  ‘Projet d’Appui à la gestion foncière’, has always provided technical support and advice. The community sensitizations conducted by APDH are in line with this collaboration and support. The session took place from June 16 to 18 and June 23 to 24, 2021, in 29 local areas of the commune and will contribute to a good understanding and knowledge of the importance of land certification.

Photo:M. NSABIMANA P.Chanel, Project staff animating the session in Kirundo


APDH, a non-profit organization born of a school club of human rights, seeks to contribute to the respect of human rights in general and of the child in particular. The International Day of the African Child is celebrated with the spirit of sensitizing, respecting and promoting the rights of the child in general and the African child in particular. This year in Burundi, the 16th was celebrated at the national and provincial levels at the AGASAKA stadium in Ngozi on Thursday on June 24, 2021 from 10:00 am. In their respective address to participants, the different authorities made mention of the need to promote, defend and respect the rights of children in all their forms. The games and plays played were also bearers of this message in their entirety.

Photo:Members of the Non-profit organizations operation in Ngozi adressing partcipants


Photo: Participants at the Round table organized by APDH


The Beijing Platform for Action affirms that women have the same right as men to participate in the management of public affairs and can contribute to redefine political priorities and to be included in political programs. Today, in Burundi, the number of women in public office is more or less considerable compared to past years, and this trend should be maintained because more women in decision-making positions will help strengthen policies and legislation in favor of true gender equality, even if challenges still persist in improving the situation of Burundian women.

The activity took place in the capital of the province Ngozi, at AMICIZIA Lodge, on June 30, 2021 with a total presence for the agents since all the communes of the action zone in which APDH operates were represented. These communes are Kirundo and Ntega from Kirundo province, Ngozi, Nyamurenza, Gashikanwa, Busiga and Mwumba from Ngozi province, Kayanza, Muruta, Kabarore, Matongo and Gatara from Kayanza province, and Gashoho from Muyinga province. The objective of this workshop is to restitute and exchange on the results of the data analysis for the communal land agents of the action zone. It is also a time to exchange experiences in order to decide together on a strategic orientation to increase the performance of land certification in the intervention zone in the future. 



Every year since 1911 around the world and for the past few years in Burundi, nations have been celebrating International Women's Day. This day is especially an occasion to celebrate the achievements of women in terms of economic, social and political advancement of given programs that help better serve humanity.

We probably would not speak about the achievements of women around the world as they are more than a lot and the context may escape us, but we can speak for Burundian women. In this article, women working with APDH tell us what they think about this year's international day dedicated to them, what it should stand for and how it should be fruitful and historic for humanity in the years to come.

We asked three important questions to three of our women and staff members and here is what they had to say about March8th .

In response to one of its strategic axes “Human rights education”, APDH organized a capacity building workshop for the benefit of 30 supervisors from school clubs housed in 15 schools (6 schools in the province of Ngozi and 9 schools of Muyinga province). The training focused on tolerance, prevention and peaceful management of conflicts, as part of a joint program with the AFJB (Association des Femmes Juristes du Burundi), in contribution to the main objective: "Support and promote the fulfillment of rights, prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts for the benefit of vulnerable populations”.
The objective of the training is mainly to build the capacities of the mentors in order to better do their work of mentoring and teaching human rights in their respective schools. This training will help them to organize feedback sessions for the benefit of the students grouped within the clubs, around the targeted themes by the training.
For three consecutive days, the trainer insisted a lot on “tolerance” and the rest of the training was reserved for “peaceful conflict management.”
-Human rights
-Prevention, fight against and peaceful resolution of land conflicts
-Sensitization, prevention and fight against gender-based violence
-Environmental justice
Association for Peace and Human Rights (APDH) is a community organization to promote peace and human rights through education and capacity building . APDH uses community structures (women's and youth organizations and traditional structures) as main tools for sustainable social change.

In our area of ​​action, many people testify about the success of our work in collaboration with local administrative authorities, community leaders and facilitators, and the population in general, especially about:

- Human rights in general and of women and the young people in particular

-Prevention and fight against land conflicts and other related conflicts

-The promotion of the rights of children and women and the prevention and fight against gender-based violence.

-training and accompanying school clubs for human rights


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